Lend Your Ears and Brain to Research

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for research in the BPM Research Lab.

The Berklee Psychology of Music Research Lab is currently recruiting volunteers for research.

The lab is conducting a study to learn more about how differences in pitch processing impact how we process auditory information. Participants will be asked to listen to music and other sounds in a sound-attenuated room.

Are there requirements for participation?
We’re looking for current Berklee Community members (ages 18-35) meeting the following criteria:
▪ Musicians with absolute pitch (perfect pitch)
▪ Musicians who do not have absolute pitch (relative pitch)

How long will it take?
– The study takes 1 hour to complete

Will I be compensated for my participation?
Yes, you will earn $15 for your time

If you meet the requirements for participation and are interested in volunteering as a participant, please fill out our Participation Interest Form. We will be in touch about scheduling a visit to the lab. Thank you again!